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A New Era For Real Estate Investing

As the Founder and Managing Principal of Nitya Capital, Swapnil is responsible for strategic planning, investment decisions, and overseeing all aspects of the company’s operations, financing activities, and investor relations. He has over 19 years of financial/investment experience with over 16 years of experience in real estate globally.  

Swapnil was born in Agra, India, and began his life with a dream to leave a positive impact on the world. Upon moving to Houston, Texas as a teenager, Swapnil sought to pursue his dreams of helping others achieve the kinds of opportunities he always hoped for while growing up. With an eye for work ethic, resilience, and education, Swapnil sought to drive in a new era of care and support for both native Houstonians as well as for residents across the world. 

In 2003, Swapnil graduated in Finance from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Business Administration. He then began his career in energy investment banking at Simmons & Company before joining Forum Partners, an international real estate private equity firm with over $5.0 billion in assets where he focused on originating, structuring, and executing real estate investments in the Asia Pacific region. He was personally responsible for closing deals in companies worth $3.0+ billion in India, China, Australia, and Korea with total equity deployed of $600+ million.  

After nineteen successful years of hard work with sixteen years in the real estate world, Swapnil became passionate about the world of real estate investing. Opening Nitya Capital’s doors in 2013, he utilized the company as a means of providing successful returns to all property investors, with a special focus on acquisitions, asset management, and property management. Nitya Capital is a nationally recognized institute that approaches each investment opportunity in a way that provides strong investor returns, as well as builds sustainable residential communities across the country. A leading frontrunner in multifamily investing, Nitya Capital extols the virtues of direct investor-operator communication and provides comprehensive services to illuminate the value of exceptional investment opportunities, paving the way for a successful, quality investment strategy to build substantial ROI.  

Throughout the years, Swapnil has dedicated himself to playing an active role in charity across the globe. Alongside his work with Nitya, Swapnil founded the Karya Kares Program as a means of addressing major public-related concerns, from child swimming safety to gun violence to providing school supplies for families and students. Swapnil views himself as an advocate for change across communities, helping to provide others with healthier, happier environments through a compassionate helping hand. He continues to utilize his platform as a means of encouraging a safer, more loving world. 

Through Nitya Capital, Swapnil has placed a strong emphasis on diversity, expertise, and finely-crafted attention to detail, approaching each major investment deal as an equal partnership between investor and operator. As Nitya Capital continues to grow and expand its reach across the country, Swapnil hopes to continue helping investors make big waves in multifamily markets, shaping his organization as a foundational good for the future of all things real estate. 

Swapnil Agarwal

Agrawal has been the recipient of numerous awards including:

20 Years of Entrepreneurial Experience

A leading expert in the field of real estate, Swapnil has had an avid entrepreneurial career. He was previously the Vice President of Forum Partners, an international real estate private equity firm with over $5.0 billion in assets. He was personally responsible for closing deals in companies worth $3.0+ billion in India, China, Australia, and Korea, with total equity deployed of $600+ million. With nineteen solid years of experience, Swapnil serves as a frequent guest of several high-demand media platforms including the Houston Chronicle, Houston Business Journal, Forbes, Insight Magazine, CNBC, and, most recently, Fox Business.

Bringing Change To Our Community

Swapnil moved with his family from India when he was 14 years old and grew up on the Southwest side of Houston, Texas. Never forgetting where they came from, he promised himself he would give back to the community at the first chance he got. True to his vision, Swapnil co-created the Karya Kares Foundation, a Texas-based nonprofit organization. In addition Swapnil supports other organizations including:

Mr. Agarwal's ability to find unique assets in emerging markets/neighborhoods is nothing short of intelligence with intuitive vision. – Stephen Cox President at Edwin L. Cox Recovery Foundation

A huge sports fan, Swapnil can be found rooting for the Houston Rockets, Astros, and the Texans. In his time off he enjoys biking, hiking, boating, and skiing with his family.