Entrepreneur & Philanthropist

Real Estate Investment Redefined

Swapnil Agarwal is the CEO of Nitya Capital & Karya Property Management, which operates more than 20,000 multifamily units, 1. 5 million square feet of commercial, and 300,000 square feet of retail and single-family portfolio assets, for a combined $2.5 billion in value.

Agarwal founded Nitya Capital and Karya Property Management to focus on investing, management, and construction / rehab of multifamily assets in Texas.

Agrawal has been the recipient of numerous awards including:

20 Years of Entrepreneurial Experience

Previously Swapnil was the Vice President of Forum Partners, an international real estate private equity firm with over $5.0 billion in assets. He was personally responsible for closing deals in companies worth $3.0+ billion in India, China, Australia, and Korea, with total equity deployed of $600+ million.

With more than 20 years of experience investing in real estate companies and assets across the globe, Swapnil is a frequent guest of the media and has been interviewed by the Houston Chronicle, Houston Business Journal, Forbes, Insight Magazine, and NPR.

Bringing Change To Our Community

Swapnil moved with his family from India when he was 14 years old and grew up on the Southwest side of Houston, Texas. Never forgetting where they came from, he promised himself he would give back to the community at the first chance he got. True to his vision, Swapnil co-created the Karya Kares Foundation, a Texas-based nonprofit organization. In addition Swapnil supports other organizations including:

Mr. Agarwal's ability to find unique assets in emerging markets/neighborhoods is nothing short of intelligence with intuitive vision. – Stephen Cox President at Edwin L. Cox Recovery Foundation

A huge sports fan, Swapnil can be found rooting for the Houston Rockets, Astros, and the Texans. In his time off he enjoys biking, hiking, boating, and skiing with his family.