Our Goal Is to Positively Impact 1 Billion Lives

A Friendship Formed By A Deeper Calling

Swapnil Agarwal and co-founder Vivek Shah, grew up in humble circumstances on the Southwest side of Houston, Texas. Swapnil, who moved with his family from India when he was 14 years old, met Vivek in High School.

Their journey then took them on to the University of Texas in Austin where they both majored in finance and later moved on to corporate America. Neither one forgot where they came from and promised themselves, and each other – they would give back to the community the first chance they got.

Soon, Swapnil and Vivek were able to establish a scholarship for aspiring Alief High School students bound for college. This ignited an even deeper calling to give back when the opportunity presented itself.

Now open for public use, the Karya Kares Clinic provides free health services for those in the area, focusing on preventing major diseases before they occur and promoting healthy lifestyles.

The moments that stand out in life are the moments when you have done things for others

Donations That Help Save Lives

Eventually, they formed Karya Kares, a Texas-based nonprofit organization which supports various charitable, community health care, and educational organizations.

Unlike many non-profits, Karya Kares has $0 payroll and all efforts are provided by volunteers so 100% of donation proceeds go directly to the causes Karya Kares supports.

The goal is to bring solutions to large global challenges by starting with small, local actions. Karya Kares builds a culture that thrives on collaborations. They work a wide variety of NGOs globally to broaden their reach and make sustainable impact. Swapnil’s companies Nitya Capital and Karya property management are the supporting companies of the Karya Kares and contribute to turning its philanthropic vision into practical reality.

Learn more at karyakares.org