Houston Officially Welcomes the Karya Kares Clinic

Houston, Texas, May 18, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Located inside Bella Vista Apartments complex, a residential apartment community centered in the Dairy Ashford region of Houston, the Karya Kares Clinic officially opened its doors on Saturday, May 15th. 

As a non-profit organization of Nitya Capital and Karya Property ManagementKarya Kares acts as a means of bringing a sense of goodwill and compassion to communities across the globe, providing educational and economic relief resources for those in need. Now open for public use, the Karya Kares Clinic provides free health services for those in the area, focusing on preventing major diseases before they occur and promoting healthy lifestyles. 

Each year, the United States spends around $3.7 trillion on healthcare services, with $10,500 spent per person on average. Many adults in the United States are suffering from major health issues including heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. 

The Karya Kares Clinic aims to tackle these heavy financial and health-related issues through the collected clinic effort of ensuring a stronger understanding of how to make a positive impact towards a healthier body, and all with free staff services for residents in need.

The clinic’s opening featured an array of publicity upon its opening weekend, attended by noted local public officials including Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, Sheriff Ed Gonzalez, Congresswoman Ms. Sheila Jackson Lee, Former-Congressman John Culberson, Consul General of India Shri Aseem R. Mahajan, Former Secretary of State of Texas Geoff Conner, Texas Regional Director Jason Fuller from the office of U.S senator Ted Cruz, Director of Public sector Sam Merchant from the office of Congressman Al Green, Consul member Tiffany Thomas, and Jennifer Herrara from TX-CDR. Founders Swapnil Agarwal, Deepika Agarwal, and Vivek Shah were all present to welcome officials, as well as preside over on-stage acknowledgments. These included the introduction of Dr. Jignesh Shah, Dr. Mona Shah, and Dr. Parin Shah, a renowned team of doctors from the Indian Doctors Association. All three experts specialize in Emergency Medicine.

Both Mr. Agarwal and Mr. Shah grew up within the Alief area near the clinic and wanted to give back to the community that helped raise them. Mr. and Mrs. Agarwal both live in the same community today. The event received official public record recognition from both the City and State offices, with the expressed goal of opening several more clinics in the future. 

The Karya Kares Clinic’s emergence following the Covid-19 pandemic marks a major milestone in the world of healthcare within the Houston area. Karya Kares looks forward to continuing to provide quality services for those in need of assistance, utilizing the clinic and all future clinic projects as a way of redefining healthcare. All interested parties can donate to the clinic on the main Karya Kares Website or follow Karya Kares on all social media platforms.

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