Swapnil on Charity Work

Throughout his illustrious career, Swapnil has always placed an emphasis on giving back to the community. 

Growing up in Agra, India, he learned from an early age the value of helping others make their way in the world, whether it’s through genuine acts of kindness or providing them with stable financial resources to help them move forward. 

As such, he helped create the Karya Kares program as a means of showcasing special charity activities to those in need across the country. Karya Kares has given special aid to those within the United States as well as the people of India, owing back to Swapnil’s childhood roots. 

Throughout the years, the Karya Kares program has implemented many key events and educational programs to give back to people in need. These events and programs have included but are not limited to back-to-school donation events, scholarship donations, swimming safety education, veteran assistance, educational support and free meals for children in India, rental relief assistance for those impacted by the Covid-19 Pandemic, and the opening of its free Houston-based healthcare clinic. 

Through the Karya Kares’ programs many different initiatives, Swapnil was able to help provide a stable and welcoming environment for those who needed it most, helping them move forward in their lives and providing the educational tools they need to cultivate a kinder, more compassionate society. 

Swapnil expressed a continued desire to give back to the community through whatever means necessary, hoping to take Karya Kares to new heights to ensure that everyone always has what they need.

Published on 9/3/2021 – List all Blogs